NFTization of the $NFT token

This proposal is to empower the NFTProtocol/Blockparty team to fathom and implement NFTization of the $NFT token as appropriate. This action is intended to better connect and benefit all stakeholders of the project (artists, sellers, buyers, NFT token holders) and to represent the community in a unified and visible way to the outside world


Cool idea :fire::fire::fire:we need to think about !

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a great idea and that it would be nice to involve well-known artists in the creation of a series of our nfts and try to get as many people as possible, preferably famous ones, to upload these nfts to their twitter profile as a sign of belonging to our social club. it will also take the pressure off the circulation coins on the market and reduce the supply

The reduction in the volume in circulation could be a positive side effect. But I think it’s much more important to have a visible representation of our club that also benefits all members of the club through NFT utilities such as privileged access to certain drops or many other privileges.

I think… this is very good idea! :+1: