Membership-based NFT collection with nested $NFT tokens (Consensus Check)

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What are the reasons for introducing these NFTs and what advantages can result from them?

The representation of an NFT marketplace by NFTs already makes sense for logical reasons as well as the better visible and recognizable representation in contrast to the fungible $NFT token.
This recognizability also creates the insignia of the social club, comparable to a logo of a sports club.
With the introduction of the different rarity levels, we create a diverse utility. Artists can give the holders of certain rarity levels a place on the whitelist. This eliminates the need for grinding on social networks such as Discord.
Also, the staggering of DEX fees can be linked to the rarity levels of NFTs. The rarer a NFT the less fees you count
The rarity levels themselves are determined by the number of tokens nested. The more tokens nested the rarer the NFTs. Here you could introduce 4-5 rarity levels (for example common, rare, ultra rare and legendary).

Furthermore artists can grant the holders of the NFTs access to certain offline events like concerts. This way the artists build better relationships with the other members of the club, add value to the membership of the club (represented by the NFTs) which makes the whole club more desirable and attracts new groups of buyers.
The holders of the NFT tokens benefit from the expansion of liquidity to NFT markets. The NFTs themselves always remain liquid through the nested tokens in the NFT.
Belonging to a club could create a new kind of collaborations between artists, for example painters and musicians. Which brings us to the fundamental advantage of a functioning social club. Members help each other, complement each other on interdisciplinary levels, creating value for all.